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4th Grade

Our goal is to create a community of learners: We work to create, mold and develop critical thinkers, readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists to prepare them for the 21st century. We do project-based learning, real-world problem solving, and experimentation. We work on an intensive set of learning experiences that will build and ground students in their thinking and knowledge of the world around them. We set high expectations and work to ensure that ALL students can learn and succeed in our classrooms. We know that every child comes with different needs and abilities, and we strive to move students to the next level of learning.

Fourth Grade Lunch/Lunch Recess Times

Lunch 11:50-12:10

Lunch Recess 12:10-12:30

4th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Carpenter's Class

Subject: General Education
I am excited to begin this new school year. I hope to provide your student with the best possible educational experiences during the Fourth Grade. I agree with many experts who believe that one of the keys to a child’s success in school is parent...

Mrs. McCormick's Class

Motivational Quotes
Subject: General Education
Welcome to 4th Grade! I am excited to join the Cotton Creek family this school year.  Fourth grade is a year of change. It is a time where students take skills they have learned in the previous years from the concrete to the abstract. It tends to...

Miss. McGinness' Class

Welcome to Miss McGinness' classroom! 4th grade is such an exciting year. Students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with classmates in order to explore the world around them.  I am truly honored to work with your child this year!...

Mrs. Roberts' Class

Subject: General Education
Dear Families,    I have attached a newletter to the bottom of this page. Here are some upcoming events: Friday, October 25th Fun Run 9:30 Tuesday, October 29th EDM Unit 2 test Wednesday, October 30th EDM cumultive test Thursday,...