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  • Communicate honestly
  • Accept responsibility
  • Respect each other and our school
  • Everyone feels safe

The Cotton Creek Community expects students to behave responsibly and to demonstrate respect in all areas of school life. The partnership between students, families and staff supports the development of responsible and respectful citizens. Open communication is a vital aspect of this partnership.

The students at Cotton Creek learn the community guidelines of honesty, respect, responsibility and safety through assemblies. This program supports our school in becoming more compassionate, safe and respectful. The students also sing a school song weekly that supports their understanding of the Cotton Creek Community Guidelines.

Cotton Creek staff recognizes the need to provide an educational environment for students, which is safe, conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption. The Cotton Creek staff establishes and enforces rules for student conduct and communicates the rules to students and their parents, and the fact that violations of the rules will result in disciplinary actions.

Student misbehavior will be documented through Cougar CARE Reports, copies of which will be sent home for parent signature. Beginning with the third CARE Report, a District Discipline Incident Report will be completed by administration.

Celebrations will be held periodically for those students who have demonstrated knowledge and adherence to the CARE expectations as determined by remaining CARE Report free. Other recognitions for positive behavior will include classroom incentives and CARE coupons with monthly drawings and the opportunity to purchase items on the Cougar CARE Cart.

Principles of fundamental fairness and procedural due process govern the regulation of student conduct.