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Grading Policy

1st Grade Grading Policies & Procedures 

Students receive grades on report cards based on a 4 (exceeds standard), 3 (meets standard), 2 (approaching standard), and 1 (below standard).  The areas will be assessed in the following ways:

Reading - Students are assessed, in the fall and spring, through the PALS Assessment (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening) in the areas of Concepts of Print, Comprehension, Reading Strategies, Phonemic & Phonological Awareness and Participation. The teacher through observation and anecdotal records does ongoing assessment throughout the school year.

Writing - 1st Grade students are assessed in the fall, mid-year, and spring, on a rubric scale of 1 to 4 for Personal Narrative writing. Ongoing assessment is done through observations and anecdotal records. Spelling - Students will have weekly spelling words that focus on a specific spelling pattern.  Students will have a formal spelling test most Fridays.

Math - Students are assessed, through the district math program-Everyday Math. Ongoing assessment is also made through observation, anecdotal records and student projects.

Science & Social Studies - In these areas students are assessed according to their participation as units and concepts are taught throughout the year. Teacher observation and occasional projects determine a student’s understanding.