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Math - We will have math homework on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Math homework is due the very next day.

Spelling - We will have a new spelling list at the beginning of each week.  Please use the spelling ideas sent home during week 1 to practice at home every night.  Your child may study the words any way that works.  Spelling homework does not need to come back to school.  Please make sure to study the patterns of the words not just the specific words.  Every Friday, students will have a test on the 8 core words, 2 bonus words (following the pattern of the week) and a sentence dictation that will incorporate old spelling words, new spelling words, high frequency words and kindergarten words.

Reading - Your child should be reading at home on a nightly basis.  Your child can be reading on their own, reading with someone or being read to.  Soon your child will be bringing home a book bag which will include a book that they will need to read to someone each night.  Please let me know if you ever have questions with this book.