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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Should my child bring a water bottle to school?

A-Yes!  Please send your child to school with a small water bottle!  This saves time when not everyone needs to use the one drinking fountain.  I try to send them home daily for washing.  Please water only, no milk, soda, juices, coffee, or tea!

Q-Why does my child have so many folders?

A-In kindergarten, students have TWO folders:  a blue or green BEE folder and a red HOMEWORK folder.  Your child also brings home a fabric Book Baggie.

Q-What is the BEE folder for?

A-The BEE Folder stands for Bring Everything Every day.

  • The front pocket is for papers that need to be filed out and returned to school.  
  • The back pocket is for things to leave at home.  
  • The zippered case is for personal notes between home and school or if you need to send in money for any reason.
  • The clear plastic page protectors have useful kindergarten information.  Please leave these in the sleeves for future reference! 
  • PLEASE...check your child's folder DAILY!

Q-How much homework does my child have?

A-Your child should work on homework for 10-15 minutes a day.  

  • The 1/2 page in the red homework folder should take 2-5 minutes.  Please monitor this and make sure your child understands what the directions are!
  • Read and discuss the Book Baggie book for 3-5 minutes when it comes home.  This is usually M, T, TH, F.
  • I will adjust Book Levels as your child shows consistent proficiency over two to three weeks.
  • Library stories are not homework and are meant for you to read aloud to your child at your leisure.  Adams12 Five Star Schools encourages families to promote literacy by reading together at least 20 minutes a day!

Q-Should my child know letter names and sounds now?


Q-When does my child go to the library?

A-Ideally, we go daily.  In reality, we go once a week on Wednesday.  We have a really tight schedule and the library closes over the lunch hour.  Please see the class calendar for our monthly library story time.

Q-Does my child have snack every day?

A-Most days we have a snack; some days we are too busy.  We rarely have snack on Wednesdays since the day is much shorter.  We have access to water all day and I encourage the student to drink water often.

More questions will be added as they occur!