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Positive Behavior

     My philosophy is "Catch 'em doing good!"  Young children usually want to do well, are eager to please the adults in their world, and generally try their best.  I try hard to notice and verbally recognize positive behavior. This recognition most often catches the attention of other students who match the positive behavior. Occasionally, the students need more indepth redirection.  At Cotton Creek, we focus on Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) and directly teach what our behavior expectations are.  I ask the children to be kind, use words to solve problems, and get help from a trusted adult when things feel really bad or unsafe. Students in my classroom will not miss water breaks, lunch recess, snack, or Specials time for any discipline reason.

Positive recognitions might include:

  • verbal praise
  • Cougar Care Coupon
  • happy phone call home
  • happy note home
  • little prize from our classroom treasure box
  • a sticker
  • extra activity in classroom
  • Positive Paw (happy phone call home from an administrator)

More indepth redirection might include:

  • gentle reminder
  • think time in classroom (time out)
  • punch card to earn points
  • practice doing the right thing with the teacher modeling the expected behavior
  • note home
  • conversation with the teacher where all parties have time to explain and resolve
  • phone call home
  • Cotton Creek Think Sheet