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September Newsletter

September 25, 2017
Dear Kindergarten Families,
     We have survived the first month and a half of school!  The kindergarteners are learning so much on how our routines work and they are also practicing each day how to be a kind classmate to others. 
     It is very normal for your child to come home exhausted at the end of the school day.  There is so much learning going on during those three hours.                                   Here are some questions you might want to ask your child to find out about what we are learning.  What Zoo Phonics letter did you learn today and can you show me the sound?  Who are the characters in the story?  Can you tell me about a story you are working on in Writer’s Workshop? Can you make a repeating pattern and a growing pattern and how can you tell the difference?

Daily Schedule:
M, T, TH, F
AM Class
7:35-7:45  Read to Self
7:45-8:00  Calendar Counts
8:00-8:45  Guided Reading Groups/Stations
8:45-9:10   Recess/Restroom Break
9:10-9:35   Every Day Math
9:35-9:50  Shared Reading/ Phonemic Awareness
9:50-10:20  Writer’s Workshop
10:20-10:35  Interactive Read Aloud/ High Frequency Word Practice
10:35-10:40  Clean Up/ Dismissal

PM Class
11:25-11:35  Read to Self
11:35-11:50  Calendar Counts
11:50-12:35  Guided Reading Groups/Stations
12:35-1:00  Recess/Restroom Break
1:00-1:25   Every Day Math
1:25-1:40   Shared Reading/ Phonemic Awareness
1:40-2:10   Writer’s Workshop
2:10-2:25   Interactive Read Aloud/ High Frequency Word Practice
2:25-2:30   Clean Up/ Dismissal

AM Class
7:35-7:45 Read to Self
7:45-8:00  Calendar Counts
8:00-8:50  Science or Social Studies
8:50-9:05  Shared Reading/Phonemic Awareness
9:05-9:30  Recess/Bathroom Break
9:30-9:55  Math Stations
9:55-10:00 Clean Up/Dismissal
*The third and fourth Wednesdays we have Library from 8:05-8:30

PM Class
10:50-11:00 Read to Self
11:00-11:15  Calendar Counts
11:15-12:05  Science or Social Studies
12:05-12:10  Shared Reading/Phonemic Awareness
12:10-12:35  Math Stations
12:35-1:00  Recess/Restroom Break
1:00-1:10  Shared Reading/Phonemic Awareness Continued
1:10-1:15  Clean Up/Dismissal
*The third and fourth Wednesdays we have Library from 12:35-1:00

Important Dates
October 3rd  Vision and Hearing Screening
October 4th  Pumpkin Run (7:35am-10:00am) Both classes come at same time
October 4thand October 12th- Parent Teacher Conferences
October 13th  Teacher Work Day (No School)
October 24th Picture Retake
October 31st Halloween Parties and Parade

What We Have Been Learning
Reading-  We have been focusing on characters, settings, and key details in a story.  We have also been discussing what the jobs of an author and illustrator are and where to find them on a book.

Shared Reading/Phonemic Awareness-  We have been learning two new letters a week using “Zoo Phonics” to help us connect the letters with the sounds.   The letters we have learned so far are:  p,b,t,d,k,a,f,o,and v.  Ask your child to show you the movements of each of these.  This week we will be focusing on letters g and s.  It is really important to practice learning these letters and the their sounds.  Any practice at home with this
will help support them with their reading and writing in the classroom.

     I appreciate the support you are giving with helping your child read, and spell their high frequency words.  I tested the students last week on List 1 and I will be sending home a letter on how they did later this week. List 2 will be coming home shortly.

Writer’s Workshop-  During Writer’s Workshop we have been busing writing personal narratives (true stories about me).  We have been telling our stories through talking to others, drawing detailed pictures, labeling our pictures and stretching out words to hear sounds.  It is so fun to see our “Kindergarten Authors” excited about writing! 

Every Day Math-  We have been working hard in math focusing on number sense, patterning, comparing sizes and learning beginning graph skills.  Any opportunity that your child can practice counting objects, counting backwards or forwards to a certain number will continue to strengthen their math skills.

Social Studies-  Our first Social Studies Unit was on Good Citizens.  We have been learning why rules are important in the classroom and also in our community.  We also discussed ways we could help our community by learning about items that could be recycled and also picked up trash around our school. 

It has been a fun month of learning in kindergarten.  It is a true joy to work with your children.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

                                                                        Much appreciated,
                                                                        Amy Pollock