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August Newsletter

Cotton Creek Elementary                                                                                                                                                            

August 28,2018

Dear Kindergarten Families,

     We have had such a wonderful start to the school year in half-day kindergarten!  We have been working hard to build a building a sense of community.  We are learning where to put our backpacks, raising a quiet hand when we have a question and where to find the restroom, are just a few of the things we have been practicing.  

Important Dates to Remember:

August 30       Cotton Creek Open House from 6-7:30pm 

September 3       No School- Labor Day

September 4       Assessment Day- By appointment ( I will send a         

                              reminder of your child’s time later this week.)

September 13      Picture Day

Kindergarten Handbook:

     There is a lot of important information in the Kindergarten Handbook.  Please make sure you read the Handbook.  Part of the Handbook will be in your child’s Bee Book. The complete Handbook is on the kindergarten website.  Some of the information that is important to know:

     BEE Book:  Everyday your child will be bringing home their green BEE (Bring Everything Everyday book.  Please make sure that you look at all the items in your child’s folder and complete and send back anything that needs to be completed.  Inside the folder you will see the rules for your child’s BEE book and part of the kindergarten handbook.  Please put anything that you need me to see in either the front pocket or in the clear zipper pouch.  All papers that are in the back pocket are things that your can keep at home.  

     Water Bottles: The students may bring in water bottle to have at their tables.  Please make sure that the bottle has a pop-top as well as your child’s name on it. I strongly encourage having bringing in water bottles.  It cuts down on long lines at the drinking fountain and the students can get a drink whenever they are working at their tables.

     Birthday Treats:  Birthdays are a special time, however birthday treats may not be brought to school.  On your child’s birthday they will be given a birthday crown and we will sing Happy Birthday to them.


     I believe in my classroom that creating a sense of community helps with limiting negative behavior.  I like to catch my students making responsible choices or doing their best work and acknowledging it front of others. Praising students is so fun to do! When the reward is intrinsic, students really want to try their best.  

     I have high expectations for my students and being consistent is something I strive for within my classroom.  I want them to succeed.  We have been working on routines and structures so that expectations are clear on what they should be doing at all times.

    Both the AM and PM classes have been working on “Marbelous Behavior.” Whenever I catch the entire class following directions or working hard at the tables or on the carpet, they earn a class marble which goes inside the marble jar on the wall.  Once the jar is filled we, as a class, will decide on what we would like to earn.  Some favorite choices in the past have been a pajama day, a special snack at school that Ms. Pollock brings in or having a favorite stuffy join them at school. Both classes are about half way to reaching the top of the jar!


 Half-day kindergarteners have specials this year!  We will be on a rotation schedule.  Every four days we will switch to a new special.  Currently we are in Art and will begin PE on Thursday for four days followed by Music.

 Here is the schedule for both Half Day Classes:

AM Kindergarten Schedule

7:35-7:45  Read to Self/Morning Check In

7:45-7:55  Calendar Math

7:55-8:05  Phonemic Awareness

8:05-8:45  Guided Reading Groups/Daily 5 Stations (ELD Pull out)

8:45-9:05  Every Day Math 

9:05-9:15   Recess

9:15-9:45   Writer’s Workshop

9:45-10:00  Interactive Read Aloud

10:00-10:25 Specials

10:25-10:35 Shared Reading/HFW 

10:35-10:40 Clean Up/Dismissal

PM Kindergarten Schedule

11:25-11:35  Read to Self/Morning Check In

11:35-11:50  Calendar Math and HFW 

11:50-12:15  Specials

12:15-1:00   Guided Reading Groups/Daily 5 Stations (ELD Pull Out)

1:00-1:20    Every Day Math

1:20-1:30    Recess

1:30-1:45    Shared Reading/ Phonemic Awareness

1:45-2:15    Writer’s Workshop

2:15-2:25    Interactive Read Aloud

2:25-2:30   Clean Up/Dismissal

Wednesday AM Kindergarten Schedule

7:35-7:45  Read to Self/Morning Check In

7:45-8:00  Calendar Math/HFW practice

8:00-8:55  Science/Social Studies

8:55-9:10 Recess

9:10-9:35  Math Stations

9:35-9:55  Phomenic Awareness/Shared Reading

9:55-10:00  Clean Up/Dismissal

**Library is the 3rdand 4thWednesdays from 


Wednesday PM Kindergarten Schedule

10:50-11:00  Read to Self/Morning Check In

11:00-11:15  Calendar Math/HFW practice

11:15-12:10  Science/Social Studies

12:10-12:25  Recess

12:25-12:55  Math Stations

12:55-1:05  Phonemic Awareness/Shared Reading

1:05-1:15  Clean Up/Dismissal

**Library is the 3rdand 4thWednesdays from 


What We Are Learning in Kindergarten:

Social Studies- Good Citizens Unit focusing on classroom rules and routines.

Writer’s Workshop- We are learning how to become authors during Writer’s Workshop and share our stories on paper.  We are also practicing how to hold a pencil correctly and write our names.  Any extra practice at home would be beneficial.

Interactive Read Aloud- We are learning to know the role of an author and an illustrator and also be able to identify them on the cover of a book.  We will start to focus on characters, setting and key events in fiction stories.

Phonemic Awareness- We are learning to recognize upper and lower case letters and the sounds that they make.  We have learned the letter t and s.  This week are focus will be on the letters a and p.  Be sure to ask your child to share with you the Zoo phonics characters that go with each letter.

Math- In Every Day math we are focusing counting to tell the number of objects through various counting games, understanding that the last number is the number of objects and also comparing numbers of different sizes.

A Final Note:

     I am so thrilled to be teaching your child.  I understand how important communication needs to be between parents and the teacher.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me through email or by phone if you have any questions or concerns.  We are going to have a wonderful year of learning!

Ms. Pollock