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Parent Volunteers

We love having parent volunteers in our classrom. If you would like to volunteer please read the information below and then take the small survey. 

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Must be Raptor scanned before volunteering!
  • No Siblings!
  • Remind your child that you are there to help all of the children, not just them.
  • Confidentiality is extemely important.


  • behavior of your child does not change
  • no sitting on your lap or hanging onto you
  • don’t do the work for any child, including your own
  • help, encourage, and assist but encourage independence
  • talk, question, interact, and get involved with their learning
  • Per Superintendent Policy 4100 and 5140.1, dress appropriately for volunteering.  Casual clothing is fine.  Volunteers, like school staff, set an example for students.
  • Most importantly, get excited about what they are working on.  Get them to talk about what they are doing.


  • please check back for a link to sign up to volunteer in our classroom
  • only one parent per day
  • set times, limited to once per week
  • if you can’t come, please remove yourself from the time slot on the Sign-up Genius site so that another parent can sign-up

What you would be helping with:

  • Monday - Folders, clerical, small group student help, and station support
  • Thursday - Station help (groups of 2-4 students working on specific tasks during a timed rotations)
  • Friday - Folders, clerical, small group student help, and station support

If you have read through the volunteer information above, please complete the following survey.  Don't forget to include your name and the date so I can document that you have completed the training.