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Positive Behavior

    In my kindergarten classroom I try to encourage my students by "catching" them making positive choices.  I love to praise them when they are working hard or when they are being a kind friend to others.  Building our classroom community is something we have been working on since the first day of school.  We encourage each other with the good choices we make and we like to share when others are doing well.  We have started a "Marbleous Behavior Jar" in our classroom.  When the whole class is working hard on an activity or when every kindergartener is trying their best they earn a class marble.  If the class is not making a positive choice then a marble can be taken away.  The class is very excited to fill the jar and work towards a special activity that we will decide together when the jar is full.

     During our whole group time we have been focusing on Whole Body Listening.  We have talked and modeled what it looks like to have our eyes listening, ears listening, hands and feet still and our mouths quiet.  They have responded very well to this approach of learning.

     There may be times when a student may need to take a break from the rest of the class.  We have a thinking desk that a student may go and sit at if a warning is given and the behavior does not change.  When they feel that they are ready or when I think they are ready, they can come back join the class again.