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3rd Grade

Remote Learning

As many of you already know, our district is moving to remote learning as of Wednesday, April 1, 2020 in accordance with the State of Colorado due to COVID-19. This means that all teaching and learning will be done virtually. Our district has created an asynchronous learning model meaning "all students access and learn the same material, but do so at different times and from different locations. This approach does not require that the teacher and students be online at the same time." Here are some answers to important questions:

Where will materials be posted?: All materials will be posted on your child's individual teacher's Google Classroom. Please scroll down to find your teacher's page. You will be able to log into Google Classroom from this page. If you have trouble getting into this platform, please let your child's teacher know! Once your child does it a few times, they should be able to access this site easily.

How often will we post assignments and when are they due? All materials for the week will be posted on Mondays and students will have until Friday to finish the work.  For this first week, the same Learning Board will be used from April 1- April 10th so your child can get familiar to the format and we can figure out any glitches. Starting April 13th, the Learning Boards will go from Monday-Friday. This gives students flexibility when they are able to complete the work throughout the week. 

How will attendance be tracked? Attendance will be tracked based on the completion of weekly assignments. Students do not need to login every day but need to complete assignments by Friday. Failure to complete assignments with no communication will result in an absence. Please reach out if anything comes up that makes it difficult for your student to complete his/her assignments by Friday. We are very flexible and understanding! 

3rd Grade Teacher Office Hours during Remote Learning  can be found on each teachers classroom page under the tab "Office Hours".

We will be checking email (outside of office hours) throughout the day and will reply to these as soon as possible.

The following are links to the Specials Teachers' websites

(If you have questions for these teachers, please feel free to email that specific Specials teacher directly.)

3rd Grade Specials







3rd Grade Classrooms

Ms. Doyle's Class

Subject: General Education
Please look to the Remote Learning and Office Hours tabs on the left for information about Remote Learning.   The link to get to our google classroom is below.

Mrs. Gonzales' Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to our newest adventure!! We will be using Google Classroom as our major communication platform during our remote learning. Your child will find all new assignments posted on our Google Classroom. This will be our landing page for all...

Mrs. Langer's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello Parents,      Here we go!!!  Our class will be using Google Classroom for our learning platform.  All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.  Each week, your child will have a Learning Board which will have links for each subject...

Mrs. Purtell's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to our class!  This is my 15th year of teaching here at Cotton Creek and my 11th year in Third Grade.  Third grade is an exciting year as your student moves from the primary grades into the intermediate grades.  I am honored and excited to...