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Math: 2 digit multiplication/division, fractions, measuring and drawing angles, solving multiple-step problems.

Science: Processes that shape the Earth; Energy; Structure, Function, and Information Processing; and Waves--see below for a list of much needed supplies!

Social Studies: Everything Colorado!! Geography, Miners, Trappers and Traders, Settlers, Ancient Puebloan Indians – Anasazi, Native Americans of the Plains, Utes and the Dust Bowl. It is possible to access The Colorado Story online at Get your student login and password from your teacher.

Field Trips & Expeditionary Learning Experiences: State Capitol & Justice Center, Four Mile Historic Park, Westminster Public Library and the Big Dry Creek Open Space and The Colorado History Museum.  Look for more later as we match field trips to the new standards.

Reading/Writing: Reading/writing workshop, poetry, historical fiction, persuasive writing, expository reading and writing, folklore and myths, personal narratives, realistic fiction, and inquiry;

Spelling: New spelling pattern weekly, tests on Wednesdays including review words from previous weeks; "Everyone words" including high frequency 4th grade words, differentiated lists for different learners; download lists below

Education Links:  Remember education Links can be found in the main site menu.  Feel free to access online resources there!