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5th Grade

General Education

Lake, Ashtyn - 5th Grade / Overview

Our Fifth Grade Vision: As teachers and parents, our challenge is to generate an effective learning environment in which all children have the opportunity to excel. 

Our Fifth Grade Mission: Fifth grade is the “stepping stone” to Middle School. Our mission is to prepare the students to be independent, responsible learners. 

Our Fifth Grade Classrooms: It is our goal to create classroom environments where all students feel safe, welcomed, and loved. We will build this classroom community together by acknowledging one another for our unique and amazing qualities, building a foundation of kindness and collaboration, and by working together as a family. Although this year will be full of firsts and unexpected twists and turns, my first priority is to ensure that all students know the importance of our classroom community whether that be in-person or online! 

2020-2021 School Year Information

Adams 12: Onward Remote Learning Plan

Printable 5th Grade Schedule

5th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Beyrand's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to 5th Grade!  Thank you for checking out our class page!    2020-2021 Class Schedule for Remote Learning 2020-2021 5th Grade Handbook

Mrs. Holm's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to Mrs. Holm's Class! I am looking forward to a wonderful new school year with our 5th graders at Cotton Creek! In our classroom you will find a positive, student-based learning environment where student interests, abilities, and...