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All students at Cotton Creek Elementary attend Art, Music, Physical Education and Computers on a rotating basis. Each specials area helps to enhance the learning of students and provide a well-rounded education. 

Specials Classrooms


Computer Science Banner
Subject: Technology
Welcome to technology class! We will be learning so much this year about computer science, from being a good digital citizen, to coding, to keyboarding skills, we will work hard and have lots of fun doing it!


Subject: Music
Here at Cotton Creek Elementary students will speak, sing, play instruments, act/dramatize, perform movement, create, compose, and improvise.  Music is taught through the Orff-Schulwerk approach educating the whole child and preparing them with...

Mrs. Janssen's Class

Subject: Art
Visual Art provides a way for students to express themselves creatively and experience success. In addition to creating art is many different types of media, students also learn how art is a part of our world and timeless way to communicate.

Mrs. McVey's Classroom

Subject: Reading
Welcome to Mrs. McVey's Class, the library!  This is the HEART of our school.  Everyday students and staff members come here to learn, read, chat, and enjoy books.  I love teaching classes at all levels and working with all teachers.  Hope to see...

Physical Education

Subject: Physical Education
Physical education is a movement based classroom and students will actively participate during class.  The focus of elementary physical education is skill themed which means students are learning the various skills that are developmentally...