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All students at Cotton Creek Elementary attend Art, Music, Physical Education and Computers on a rotating basis. Each specials area helps to enhance the learning of students and provide a well-rounded education. 

Specials Classrooms


Subject: Music
Here at Cotton Creek Elementary students will speak, sing, play instruments, act/dramatize, perform movement, create, compose, and improvize.  Music is taught through the Orff-Schulwerk approach educating the whole child and preparing them with...

Mrs. Janssen's Class

Subject: Art
Skills In the art classroom, students develop many skills. The first important skills are critical thinking and problem solving. Students analyze artwork and plan for their own art using these skills. Reflection is also a vital skill for the...

Physical Education

Subject: Physical Education
Physical education is a movement based classroom and students will actively participate during class.  The focus of elementary physical education is skill themed which means students are learning the various skills that are developmentally...