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Book Baggie FAQ

Book Baggie FAQ

What does my child have to read every night? 

Your child should be reading the book that was sent home from reading groups.

What if my child already read the book assigned to them, but the same book and assignment comes home another night?

If they have read that book already (either they finished but still haven't read for 20 minutes or they read it last night and haven't met with me yet) they can REread the assigned reading OR they can read a DIFFERENT book. 

When should I sign my child's calendar?

Your child's calendar should be signed every night that your child reads, regardless of what they read. Assigned text should be read first and needs to be kept up with. 

Why are worksheets with reading skills sent home periodically? 

I expect your child to complete the task to go along with the assigned reading and turn it in completed the next day.