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Mrs. Maksimuk's Class


Hello, Students and Families,

I am super excited to start online learning, as I miss you all so very much.  I know that for some of us, remote learning is quite a struggle and with the economic uncertainty, may be extremely stressful.  I hope that in the midst of all of this, you are able to enjoy each other's  company and can love and support one another.  My husband and I are both working from home and have had a lot of time to spend with our animals, which has been very therapeutic.  Our children are in their twenties, so they do not live with us, which was really hard for me, at first.  I desperately wanted them here with us.  I have now realized that communicating virtually with video is a close approximation to being with them, and I can manage this way for a bit.  I am hoping, as I am sure you all are, that in the not-too-distant-future, we will be able to be back together physically.

I will be providing instruction synchronously on Schoology. Mental Health team members are still awaiting training in how to set this up, so I'll be updating this as soon as possible. I hope you have all had a nice summer.  I am looking so forward to re-connecting with you and your children.  I can be contacted in the following ways:

 You can reach me by any of the aforementioned methods anytime during the school day.  If I am teaching or meeting with another family, I'll get back to you as soon as I am available. 

Sending positive and comforting thoughts and hoping you are all well.

Ms. Donna