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Daily Homework:  Math page, Reading practice, Spelling practice

Every night Monday through Friday your child will have a math page, usually a purple Homelink.  This math practice activity reflects the day's math lesson.  After your child has completed the assignment, check over your child's work to be sure they are understanding the concept. Reteach, if necessary.  Some children may need additional practice at home.   

Reading practice is very important for young children as they perfect their decoding skills and work on comprehension strategies.  At this age, students go from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."  Strong reading skills are important as they take responsibility for their own learning.  My students should read at least 15-20 minutes every day!  Keep track on the monthly reading calendars.  Be sure to calculate the total reading time, sign, and return the calendar on the first school day of the next month!  Reading Group assignment reading (Mon-Thurs) may also be counted as time on the calendar.

Weekly spelling tests are given on Wednesdays.  New lists will usually be sent home on Thursday.  This allows your child to practice the spelling list over the weekend. Our District Spelling Program focuses on a particular spelling feature each week.  The first 10 words are required spelling for all students.  For some students words #11-20 may be optional. Some students may have words #1-20.  The grade for spelling also takes into consideration how well the students are using the spelling patterns and the "No Excuse" spelling words in their daily writing.  The 100 "No Excuse" words are found on the group Second Grade website.