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All 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students need to have a recorder for music class by October 12th.

Recorders can be purchased from the school for $8.00 or borrowed from the school with no fee.

Recorder order forms can be found in the attachment below (click recorder letter)

Students:  Please click on the song you have learned for the notated music.

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
File All_Alone.docx200.91 KB07/28/2018
Microsoft Office document icon recorder_letter.doc62 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon 4th and 5th Grade Recorder songs.pdf2.56 MB12/20/2019
PDF icon B songs.pdf737.73 KB12/20/2019
PDF icon Bagalicious.pdf985.27 KB12/20/2019
PDF icon Dreidl, Spin!.pdf654.19 KB12/20/2019
PDF icon Good King Wenceslas.pdf26.02 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon Jingle Bells.pdf24.71 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon Starburst.pdf71.41 KB07/28/2018