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Remote Learning

As many of you already know, our district is moving to remote learning as of Wednesday, April 1, 2020 in accordance with the State of Colorado due to COVID-19. This means that all teaching and learning will be done virtually. Our district has created an asynchronous learning model meaning "all students access and learn the same material, but do so at different times and from different locations. This approach does not require that the teacher and students be online at the same time." Here are some answers to important questions:

Where will materials be posted?: All materials will be posted on our classroom's Google Classroom:

How often will I post assignments and when are they due? All materials for the week will be posted on Mondays and students will have until Friday to finish the work.  For the week of April 1st through Friday, April 9th the same Learning Board will be used. Starting April 13th, I  will plan on the Learning Boards going Monday-Friday. This gives students flexibility when they are able to complete the work. 

How will attendance be tracked? Attendance will be tracked based on the completion of weekly assignments. Students do not need to login every day but need to complete assignments by Friday. Failure to complete assignments with no communication will result in an absence. Please reach out if anything comes up that makes it difficult for your student to complete their assignments by Friday. We are very flexible and understanding! 

What are office hours and when will they be?: Office hours are a time when students or parents can reach out to me. I can help with any technology questions or assignments. I am available over email or if you would prefer face-to-face, I can set up a Google Meet meeting. I will host two hours of office hours each day.  If you have questions outside of my office hours times feel free to email, I will return the email as soon as I am able.  

   Office Hours- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:30am-10:30am

      Friday:  10:30-12:30

How will assignments be graded?: Check back soon for information about grading.