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Remote Learning

Lessons are weekly and located at the bottom of the page under Upcoming Events

Grading will be done on a pass/fail scale.  Under the current circumstances in our country, I would NOT fail anyone as we all have different situations going on in our lives at the current time. The expectation is that you will be active each and every day (for both your physical and mental health).   Assignments are there for your choosing, NO ASSIGNMENTS need to be turned in to Mr. Obernesser.

We normally come to PE, we focus on developing skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship for a minimum of 50 minutes. Most of our activities involve working with others. Because of the Coronovirus, I'm asking that you ONLY do these activities with your family at home or by yourself.  I am suggesting that you spend 20-30 minutes each day being physically active.  If you can get outdoors and do the activity safely, please do so.  Fresh air is so good for our health!

The best part of this program is that you will have a variety of activities to help alleviate any boredom in doing the same activities all week long.  I've focused on making the activities fun, exciting, and joyful for you and your family so it should be easy to challenge yourself! Many activities will involve video showing the activity or a description of the activity. Be safe and don't break anything!  

My PE Teacher page will be updated weekly with new activities starting on Monday of each week.  As you will be at home when your parents are trying to work, do as much of these activities as you can independently and keep the noise level low so your family (and siblings) can get their work done.