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Specials Schedule

At Cotton Creek we have 4 different Specials this year:  Music, Art, Computers, and PE.   We have each special for 3 consecutive days in this order:  M A C P.   The entire school's SPECIALS schedule for the whole year is found on our school's Home Page.  Please note that our classroom is Rotation Letter B.

We have Specials from 1:40 - 2:30 pm.  Students will be dismissed from Specials and go out the front doors.

On Wednesdays, Specials will be from 9:05 - 9:40 am.   Students will be dismissed at 1:15 from the classroom and go out Door 2.                                           

August 20-22                    Specials   ART

August 23-27                     Specials   COMPUTERS

August 28-30                     Specials   PE

September 4-6                   Specials    MUSIC