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Spelling Lists

The new spelling list will be sent home on Thursday each week. I usually give a pretest for at least the first 10 weeks, to determine what the students can already spell. From this information I determine how many words each student needs to work on for the week. The first 10 words are required of all the children.  Many children may study the next ten words also, if they received 60% or above on the pretest. (Optional- Parents and children may decide and may choose to do 5 or 10 extra words.)  Students who received 80% or higher on the pretest are expected to learn all 20 words and will be tested on all 20 words. Final tests are given on Wednesdays, allowing time to study over the weekend.  Be sure that your child is also learning the meanings of these words and the possible variations.  (ie. Ask is also used as asks and asked.)  Have your child create oral sentences using the different variations.  An informational letter was sent home with suggested ways for your child to study the spelling words every evening.


Week 24:   ar

#1-10:      Core Words:   far   arm   park   dark   farm   art   sharp   start   hard   part   

#11-20:      Challenge:    charming   sharks   scar   backward   harmful   cartwheel   larva   sparkled   standard   remarkable   

     The students will take their spelling tests on Wednesdays.