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Here you will find the weekly vocabulary lists.

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon 1-ped list.pdf32.43 KB08/27/2019
PDF icon 10-scrib, script list.pdf15.84 KB10/25/2019
PDF icon 11-cred list.pdf16.02 KB10/25/2019
PDF icon 12-jur, jus, jud list.pdf17.24 KB11/14/2019
PDF icon 13-ben, bene, bon list.pdf14.81 KB11/14/2019
PDF icon 14-mal, male list.pdf18.99 KB01/14/2020
PDF icon 15-bio list.pdf27.58 KB01/14/2020
PDF icon 16-vit, viv list.pdf26.96 KB01/14/2020
PDF icon 17-flect, flex word list.pdf16.21 KB01/14/2020
PDF icon 2-man, manu list.pdf30.8 KB09/19/2019
PDF icon 3-spec list.pdf18.77 KB09/19/2019
PDF icon 5-ject list.pdf14.62 KB09/19/2019
PDF icon 7-port list.pdf14.4 KB09/26/2019
PDF icon 8-miss, mit list.pdf21.09 KB10/03/2019
PDF icon 9-graph list.pdf16.02 KB10/16/2019