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English Language Development

ESL methods are designed to promote language development in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and ESL instruction is based on the Colorado English Language Development Standards. ESL instruction is offered by highly qualified ESL teachers. Additionally, it is the district expectation that all teachers develop teaching skills in order to help ELLs learn and succeed. This includes providing ample and appropriate opportunities for language development as well as sheltering grade level content in such a way as to make it comprehensible to ELLs.

Who qualifies for ESL?

Students who speak a language other than English at home, or whose parents speak a language other than English at home, may qualify. Upon registration, parents indicate the level of proficiency in English and the home language, then students are given an English proficiency test. Based on how the student scores, they may or may not qualify for ESL services.

What happens in ESL?

Students who qualify for ESL services go daily to the ESL classroom for 45 minutes (or 25 for half-day kindergarten students). Students are pulled in grade level groups, as well as by English proficiency levels when appropriate. This 45 minutes is during the literacy block in their general classroom. Mrs. Youngstrom and Mrs. Colling instruct in the area of literacy (including listening, speaking, reading, and writing), so students are not missing other content work in their class. Our focus is dependent on the needs of a particular group, but can include vocabulary development, reading comprehension strategies, listening comprehension strategies, reading fluency, writing techniques, and various functions and forms of English. Language instruction is provided through meaningful activities that students can enjoy and transfer to life outside of our classroom!