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School Psychologist

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The mission of our school's Mental Health Provider - School Psychologist, Mrs. Donna Maksimuk - is to increase the academic achievement and social/emotional behaviors of our students by providing evidence-based assessment, prevention, and intervention services. I work in partnership with students, staff, parents, and community resources to meet the specific needs of students. I work with Special Education students who are on an IEP with mental health goals, students on 504 Plans with specific mental health interventions, and some general education students with high needs for mental health interventions. Services to Special Education students are a priority for the School Psychologist who works closely with the Special Education team to develpment individual plans to meet the special needs of these students.

Mrs. Maksimuk provides small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and individual counseling to students as well as parenting tips for parents, resources available to parents, and suggestions to staff on ways to meet the needs of our students. Teaching skill development in the school setting is the foundation for the mental health services provided by Mrs. Maksimuk.

The responsibilities of the School Mental Health Provider/School Psychologist include the following:

  • Problem solving/consultation with teachers, staff, and parents
  • Consultation with private therapists and community providers
  • Classroom observation for children with emotional, behavioral, or social concerns
  • Assist with the development of behavior contracts and Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Facilitate families being connected with outside resources
  • Facilitate abuse and neglect referrals
  • Crisis counseling
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Small Group Counseling with parent permission on topics such as social skills, anger management, citizenship, problem solving, divorce, or friendship; students on IEPs or 504 Plans have priority for these groups
  • Informal counseling
  • Formal assessments for special education eligibility

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