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Significant Support Needs (SSN) services have been provided to students at Cotton Creek for 20 years.  The SSN teacher Debbie Tschida along with her staff of paraprofessionals, serve children from Kindergarten through 5th grade. 

Each of these students learn in his or her own way and we take pride in trying diligently to find the “key” that unlocks each child’s learning potential.  Students attend the same classes as their peers.  All students are encouraged to be independent and to learn at their own pace while participating in class activities.  Being in class with their peers provides a rich environment for the child with special needs.  While the student learns from his or her classmates, the other students also learn from the child with special needs.  This fosters an environment of tolerance and appreciation for each other’s differences.

No matter what their disability, each child brings his or her own gifts to the school, whether it be a beautiful smile, great sense of humor, or a sensitive, loving nature.

Occupational, physical and speech therapies as well as mental health services are also available for students who qualify.